Work with digital currency exchanges and CFDs with ease

Royal Bitex is a cutting-edge trading platform that allows you to have wide access to the cryptocurrency market and CFD contracts. With the help of our implements, you will be able to trade your assets on different markets. The platform is suitable for beginners and experienced traders.

We are ready to help you understand how this market works. We’ll ensure you with educational materials which can build strong traders from newcomers and improve already skilled traders. Simplify your digital trading with us.

We provide

Multifunctional Trading Platform

Advanced Charting Analysis Features

Totally Secured PAMM Accounts

Unique Educational Material




Brokerage accounts


Crypto pairs

We offer

Constant Income

We provide only favorable and volatile trading opportunities for the everyday investor, new markets which hold the strongest assets and trading pairs.

Risk Management

Risk management is a high-level professional service that combines all your needs so that we can maximize your profits and secure them.

Smart Asset Allocation

Our plans are created to provide optimal performance suited for your needs. Each client can decide their productivity requirement and preferred level of risk.

Wallet administration

You can be sure about the safety of your personal info, as well
as money stored in your virtual wallet.

Hedging Guarantees

Hedging insurance provides you a constant backup plan so that you can feel safe and confident.