Forex is a decentralized global market for the world currency trade. Here, you buy and sell currencies simultaneously. Like other commercial transactions, the sale and purchase of currency involve making a profit due to the difference in value in the purchase and sale price.

Forex Trading in examples

Everyone who has ever traveled made a Forex transaction. It is a common practice. Let’s say, you decided to travel from the USA to France. To buy some stuff and pay for particular services you have to convert your dollars into euros. The difference between the two currencies will determine how many euros you will get after the exchange.

Forex is one of the most profitable industries. Over $5.3 trillion are traded on Forex markets every day, according to To be more precise, with this amount of money you could buy a respectable car for every family in America, and still have enough money to purchase each of them another one. Take a look at all the opportunities you can get from forex trading with Royal Bitex.

Forex instruments

Many experienced traders are focusing on the forex market. With approximately 180 legal currencies and over 1.500 cryptocurrencies, you can execute as much currency pairs as you want via our platform.
Forex was always traded in currency pairs, for instance, USD and EUR or other cryptocurrencies. Royal Bitex allows you to use a wide range of digital currencies and get profit from it. Generally, currency pairs are divided into three groups, such as emerging, major, and minor.


Also called exotic pairs and are concerned to a pair of strong currency with the currency of a small country with a stable economy. Examples of the emerging currency pairs, which are USD/NOK, USD/KRW, EUR/CZK, etc.


In most cases, major pairs contain US dollar as a base or counter currency. They are major because of being the most frequently traded. Here are the most popular pairs, they are USD/ EUR, USD/GBP, USD/CAD.


This group is called minor due to the lack of US dollar currency. The currency pairs can include EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY, GBP/CNY, asf.

Royal Bitex created a platform that helps to control all the changes in trade marketing so you can get revenue from it. All Forex pairs are available to trade as regular currency pairs and cryptocurrencies. While you are making your predictions about currency value, you make a profit or a loss (depending on your predictions).

How to Trade Forex with Royal Bitex?

Royal Bitex offers you two systems of trading (manual and automated) with unique functions and tools. You can improve your trading experience and learn how to trade online and in real life. All the tools you need are in one platform, ready to be used.

To trade on Forex, you need a reliable online broker. It’s very important to trade with a trusted Forex broker. Royal Bitex is aimed at understanding your investment style that can help to determine best broker for you.

Suitable interface, fast financing options, a wide range of digital currencies allow you to buy/sell, and thereby earn on the difference in rates. All you have to do is to register and start working with us.

What can you expect
from Forex trading with Royal Bitex?

Let’s make it clear, you are in the right place if you are looking for trading in a foreign exchange market. Royal Bitex provides access to the most popular currency pairs. To start trading the Forex you have to sign up and activate your account. You will have the access to virtual and live trading.

WWith Royal Bitex you have a wide field of activities that make your profit only higher. Take as much time on trading as you need. Track all the changes in the financial world. Find out what is going on with oil, currencies, debenture stock, and so on.